One of the most important features of the materials used in the production of chicken cages is that they are light and at the same time durable and easy to disinfect. The dimensions of the cages should be of standard sizes and it should be ensured that the chickens can move freely in the cage. The bottom of the cages should not prevent the chicks from moving, and the droppings of the chickens should be easily cleaned. Another issue is that the bottom of the cages is suitable for the weight of the chickens. The slope of the nests should be standard and prevent the eggs from rolling quickly, otherwise the eggs may break by hitting them sideways or against each other. The spacing of the cage wires should be appropriate and prevent the chicks from escaping. Chickens should have access to feeders and drinkers, and at the same time, waste of feed and water should be prevented with an appropriate design. Annual egg production per hen should be at least 280-300. The amount of feed given to the egg is 2.0-2.2 Kg. should be. -Monthly mortality rate should be at most 1% during the spawning period.

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