These are the facilities that are manufactured and established to raise broiler chickens. The broiler industry has a history of 40 years. Broiler production started in the first years as 1500 chickens in 100 m2 area. According to the developing world, the increasing population and the need, 40000 chickens are produced in 2500 m2 coops. Exterior material should be made of insulated material that is not resistant to hot and cold. In the new modern poultry houses, feeding, irrigation, ventilation, heating, cooling, all of these are done with computer control and automation. With this opportunity, two people can manage the chicken farm with a capacity of 40 thousand. Broiler chickens grown in hens are slaughtered between 35-45 days, they reach a live weight of 1.5 kg in 35 days and 2.5 kg in 45 days. It is vital to establish suitable conditions such as temperature, ventilation, adequate feed and water from the very first day for the chicks delivered from the hatchery to the poultry houses. Because chicks, who make a good start in their lives, gain a great advantage in terms of performance in the following days thanks to these conditions. During the maintenance period, broilers are vaccinated with drinking water to prevent various diseases. According to the age of the chicken and seasonal conditions, changes or adjustments are made in the maintenance and management conditions. In all our poultry houses, ventilation, heating, cooling, feed and water management are done with fully automatic equipment. The feed the chickens eat also varies according to their age. Values such as energy and protein in the feed are adjusted for higher performance according to the age of the chicken. The performance of the chickens is checked by weighing them every week, if there is a delay in their weight gain, the reason is investigated and necessary interventions are made. In broilers that stay in the hens for 40 – 45 days, males are sent to the slaughterhouse after they reach 2800 g and females 2100 g live weight. Coops that are emptied after the chickens are slaughtered are cleaned, washed and disinfected in preparation for the next period, and suitable conditions are provided for new chicks

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