Get from us the best equipment for the cleaning of your chicken and its processing.

The chickens of slaughter time are collected from the henhouses and are brought to slaughterhouse by live carriage transportation truck. There are live acceptance, Slaughter part, Internal cleaning part, Air chill part, Fragmentation part, weighing and packaging part, shocking and preservation part, steam boiler within slaughterhouse. There will also be treatment and rendering facility independent from slaughterhouse in the same field.

Rendering facility: Fatty soft tissues and other chicken wastes remaining after separation of poultry parts used for human consumption are cooked. After cooked tissue is pressed, it is separated into phases in decanter centrifuge and 2 main products are obtained as poultry oil and poultry meal. These products obtained are used as protein sources in poultry feeds and other animal feeds.

Treatment Facility: Wastewaters of slaughterhouses slaughtering poultry in food sector also include several contaminant by- products and materials. Thus, treatment of slaughterhouse waste waters and discharging to aquatic environments such as river, sea, lake or infrastructures such as sewerage have high importance. No license is given to slaughterhouses, which do not have treatment units.

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