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The nipples used in the Tavsan nipple irrigation system are made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to the plastic parts produced with quality raw materials, the system is long-lasting. Thanks to the special pin used, water is obtained in the most efficient way.


– It provides the opportunity to drink water from day-old chicks to slaughter.
– Provides continuous fresh and clean water.
– Provides ease of maintenance and cleaning.
– It works efficiently and smoothly.
– It keeps the poultry litter dry.
– It helps all living things to be raised in a balanced and equal way.

Parts that make up the medicine
– Manometer to control the pressure of the water at the inlet and outlet
– Descaler and dust filters that ensure that the nipples do not clog
– The meter that measures the amount of water passing through the line (two types, manual and digital)
– By-pass valves that disable Dosatron when necessary
– Dosatron, which provides the desired amount of drugs, vaccines and vitamins to be given to the drinking water at the desired rate evenly.
– Mixer

– Proportional dosing
– Ability to work at low pressure and weak flow
– Externally adjustable dosing
– Wide dosage range


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