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Rabbit Enriched Egg Laying Chicken

66.5 cm. eye depth and 64 cm. manger front and 69 cm.
It provides a sheltering area of 425.6 cm2 per chicken with its height.
The Tavsan Enrichable Cage System is the largest in its class.
and has the highest specifications.
All system feet are 2 mm. designed as
Tavsan Enrichable Layer Chicken
Galvanization of every sheet material used in the Cage System
The coating is produced as a minimum of 275 gr/m2.
On this basis, different climates and regions of the world
material ranges in different qualities and quantities for
has designed. With this method developed against rust,
Tavsan Enrichable Layer Chicken Cage System
layer chicken cage for many years in all parts of the world
will withstand and operate at high efficiency.
Tavsan Enrichable Layer with a 64 cm feeder front
Chicken Cage System, same for 7 out of 10 Chickens
It gives you the chance to eat food comfortably at the same time.
High sensitivity bait from the bait trolley
With the adjusting device, without losing the right amount of feed
Feeding 6 times a day with the additional timing device
can be done. Feeding trolleys synchronously
and the whole system automatically from the control panel.
is managed. At the same time, we also use the Chain Feeding system.
designed for customers and developed for high efficiency


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